Flexima® 3S Closed Pouches
Flexima® 3S: security in motion.
A secure convex base plate for flush or retracted stomas:
  • Gentle convex slope for an optimum pressure display;
  • 6 mm depth together with a large base for an effi cient protrusion;
  • Floating flange to prevent any discomfort at application.
A secure urostomy outlet

  • Clear position open/closed;
  • Snaps perfectly strengthened by an audible click and a final locking system;
  • Easy to handle: no risk of wet fingers.
  • Audible click at connection;
  • Easy to connect to a night;
  • drainage bag;
  • Anti-twist design.
Flexima® 3S Convex base plate has been designed to capitalize on the benefits of Flexima® Key and mechanical 2-piece coupling systems: it ensures enough fl exibility while providing a sufficient level of pressure on the peristomal area.

Flexima® 3S Uro
92% of uro patients rated Flexima 3S Uro* “good” or “very good” on absence of leakage
A complete offer with unique features
  • 4 types of pouch: closed, drainable, high-fl ow and uro
  • 2 types of base plate: fl at and convex
  • Leak proof fi lter on all enterostomy pouches
  • Large 7cm Roll’Up outlet with easy opening and cleaning
  • Optimised pouch capacity and size (compact shape)
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